Drivetrain & Components

At the Power Systems Division, we offer the full line of Funk Drivetrain products to satisfy the most stringent of OEM requirements. Funk Drivetrain products have a proven record of OEM and off-road experience for over 25 years. The strong commitment to the newest design technology, rigorous testing, and expert application engineering make Funk Drivetrain products the leader in the industry.

Pump Drives
With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience behind us, Funk pump drives are the most dependable products on the market. We offer more than 5,000 configurations, gear ratios, hydraulic pump adapters, mounting options, and more. 

Built for quiet operation, our pump drives are available in four series up to 708 kW (950 hp) and equipped to operate as an independent mount, a direct-engine mount, or a clutch-driven unit. Adapters are available in a variety of engine housings and flywheel sizes.

Pump Drive Selection Guide
Modular Pump Drives

Our powershift transmissions are available in both torque-converter and direct-drive options, covering applications in ag, construction, forestry, mining, aircraft ground support, railroad maintenance, and other industries. Mounting options include engine, midship, and remote.

Funkô HMD transmissions are equipped to operate with high-tech hydraulics. They provide the electronic controls you need for heavy-duty equipment such as dozing machines, motor graders, railway vehicles, sweepers, pavers, and virtually any other application where a controlled travel speed is critical.

Powershift Transmissions
HMD Transmissions

Our high-torque, low-speed axles are designed using a building-block concept that enables us to offer thousands of configurations and, essentially, to custom-build an axle to fit your torque and load requirements precisely. 

All Funk axles are non-steerable, and are built strong to contribute to the rigidity of your equipment's frame. And because they offer wide bearing spacing, they give you additional track width flexibility.

Inboard Planetary Axles

Planetary Drives
Choose from a wide selection of planetary gear drives to meet the needs of your design. Each series provides unique benefits that have been developed through years of design research and practical application.

Whether you need reducer drives or track drives, you can count on Funk planetary gear drives to deliver durability, performance, and superior engineering. Our drive designs include various ratios of input gear reduction sets, along with single and multiple combinations of center-section planetary gears that drive power through output arrangements to accommodate your reducer and track drive applications.

Planetary Drives

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