3D Modeling
Here at the Power Systems Division we utilize Solidworks 3D Modeling Software in order to rapidly modify and develop custom engine packages to meet demands of our customer's products. Additionally, our FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software is able to verify the structural integrity of product designs.
Dynomometer Test Cell
Our stand alone dynometer test facility is capable of running engines up to 750 horsepower. Along with our capable staff this allows us to perform a wide variety of tests to verify that each power unit is properly configured for optimal performance and reliability.
Load Bank
Electrical load testing is necessary to properly test the performance of generators. Our electrical load bank is capable of load testing both single and three phase generator sets up to 400 kilowatts. This allows us to perform application reviews on all types of open and enclosed generator units.
Data Collection and Analysis
Our Division has a vast range of data collection and analysis tools that we utilize to properly test all aspects of the engine package for items such as temperature, pressure, flows, rotational speed, CAN network analysis, and 3-Dimensional vibration.
Application Reviews
In an effort to ensure our customers’ products meet EPA requirements and manufacture specifications, our dedicated and experienced staff performs complete system evaluations referred to as application reviews. The successful completion of an application review will help ensure customer satisfaction and warranty protection.
Contract Engineering Services
Flint Power Systems Division proudly offers contract services to support and expedite the development of your products. Feel free to contact us for details on how our talented team of design and application engineers can be used as a resource on your future projects.

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