Marine Engines

Whether fishing, working in ports, transporting passengers or rescuing those in trouble, you should be able to rely on the most essential tool – your boat’s engine - any time, anywhere and regardless of the weather conditions. These engines are some of the most powerful on the water - not because of high RPM pleasure ratings, but because of solid deliverable low end torque and excellent fuel economy. Plus, it's all delivered in a compact, quiet engine package.

Standard Features Optional Features
  • SAE flywheel and housing options 
  • Auxiliary drives and front PTO 
  • Fuel systems with multiple ratings 
  • 12- and 24-volt electrics 
  • 3-5 percent or isochronous governors for gensets 
  • Wet or dry exhaust elbows
  • Keel-cooled or heat-exchanger-cooled 
  • Prewired instrument panel 
  • Engine isolators with optional mounting legs 
  • Long-life dry-type washable air filters 
  • Closed crankcase vent
  • Water-cooled exhaust manifold for cooler, quieter performance
  • Internal coolant passages minimize leaks by eliminating hoses and fittings
  • Low-friction, high-ring pistons for good fuel economy
  • Strong, heavy-duty crankshaft 
  • High-capacity heat exchanger works through adverse conditions 
  • Keel-cooler option for application flexibility 
  • Compact design for easy installation 
  • Replaceable wet liners, precision-joint connecting rod/cap joint, and replaceable valve seats make building easy 
  • Dipstick and oil fill on either side, for faster maintenance 
  • Poly-vee belt drive increases durability and reduces maintenance 
  • Standard balancer shafts eliminate vibration in 4-cylinder engines
M Rating Typical Load Factor Typical Annual Usage Typical Full Power Operation
M1 > 65% Unrestricted Uninterrupted
M2 ≤ 65%
3,000 - 5,000 hr. 16 of each 24 hr.
M3 ≤ 50% 2,000 - 4,000 hr. 4 of each 12 hr.
M4 ≤ 40% 1,000 - 3,000 hr. 1 of each 12 hr.
M5 ≤ 35% 300 - 1,000 hr. 0.5 of each 8 hr.

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4045 6068
Engine Model Rated HP kW RPM Engine Family
4045DFM50 85 hp 63 kW 2500 rpm PowerTech
4045TFM50 135 hp 101 kW 2500 rpm PowerTech
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